The social project 4Freude has set itself the goal of enabling women with refugee experience and without training to have a low-threshold first integration into the labor market.

The four guiding principles of 4Freude (Vorfreude= joyful anticipation) are:
Joy #1: In creating beautiful easy-to-use products.
Joy #2: In crafting reusable products from recycled resources.
Joy #3: In giving great gifts with a good conscience.
Joy #4: In enabling marginalized women to find a purposeful role in society.

4Freude or ‘Vorfreude’ is a German word meaning the ‘anticipation of joy.’ Our products are handcrafted from repurposed, remnant, and upcycled materials with the purpose of replacing everyday single-use items. Each product is clean, beautiful, and useful; making it a great gift that can be given in good conscience. With support from the Philipp Kraft Stiftung in Eltville, this project aims to teach participants the skills they need to successfully integrate into German social and professional culture. Refugee women often have a more difficult time integrating into society due to social barriers and a lack of marketable professional and language skills. Respectful of their cultural traditions, we help them integrate as we work together toward building a more ecologically sustainable society.

To find out more about the wonderful work that the Philipp Kraft Stiftung does, visit here.