Cocooning is over – am I a butterfly yet?

I hesitate to admit it, but I’m possibly more depressed about ending lockdown than I was about starting it. Some necessary background: I live in Germany. I am a working mom of two teenagers and an autistic tween. I live in a house with a yard. My family is healthy. We are the lucky ones. […]


History buffs out there know how effective President Roosevelt’s foreign policy approach became. “Speak softly and carry a big stick, then you will go far” meant that the US was well prepared for battle, but chose the path of diplomacy and a strategy of ‘hearts & minds;’ resorting to the use of force only once […]

THE RECIPE-BLOG HIGHWAY – a long road with little reward.

I can virtually taste the crusty warm pita slathered in silky hummus when I look up the recipe. The glamour shots of nubile chickpeas draped in golden olive oil set my heart racing. Eager to get started on my own homemade hummus, I scroll. And scroll. And scroll further down, reading what turns out to […]

TALKING IS THE NEW WRITING – spare us the spam!

We’ve all seen it happen. You go offline for five minutes and your mailbox turns into Mt Vesuvius– burying your schedule like you’re in Pompei  and destroying any hopes of achieving today’s 10,000 steps. Unless you are a rigorous ‘inbox zeroer,’ even your most important correspondence is at risk of drowning in that quicksand of […]