Navigating today’s communications jungle is daunting. Crafting a meaningful message and identifying effective channels that cut through the noise requires creativity, range, and acumen. Communications planner, UX Writer, copywriter all rolled in one. Come to me for crisis or culture change management tools, convincing corporate reports, compelling non-profit communications, personal biographies, effective social media stories and speeches. Captivate, spark curiosity, and build lasting bridges with your audience.

As a bilingual copywriter (native speaker English/German) with years of transcultural experience and a talented co-production network, I’ll ask the right questions and craft effective solutions for your corporation, non-profit, or start-up.


CSL Behring Marburg

Dramatic changes call for dynamic strategies.
Development of a communication strategy / case study.

Coming up with a communications strategy and the tools needed to implement a multi-level work culture change for a multi-national pharmaceutical company required a multi-faceted approach.

How does one facilitate sustainable change so that it feels as organic as possible to those living it? By creating an opportunity for each member of the community to engage in constructive and positive interactions. Architect of this change project, elccon consulting, brought me in to advise on and create a communications campaign to implement and on-board the culture changes they had initiated at CSL Behring in Marburg. I conceptualized a multi-platform, English and German language communications strategy that would provide CSL Behring with forums for the many and varied stakeholder perspectives; and do so by utilizing existing tools and available resources in new ways. The core message: Communication builds community. Beginning with real-time exchanges proved to be an effective kick-off to new interactions between executives and team members. I conceived formats that integrated real-time and digital media platform interactions to help promote and validate the voices of all employees and encourage constructive conflict resolution. My comprehensive communications campaign also included environmental cues to encourage more positive interactions and also integrated gamification to stimulate participation in feedback processes. Today, motivated change agents at CSL Behring Marburg are well on their way to building a community that is based on more positive and sustainable communications practices. To find out more about elccon, visit them at

Kaefer Int’l

Go lean – a global company changes its culture.
Intercontinental interviews on implementing Lean Management.

This K-Wert issue had the threefold mission of functioning as an annual report for employees and board members, an attractive marketing tool for prospective employment candidates and future customers, as well as motivation for all divisions in their own ongoing Lean Management on-boarding progress.

The very process of generating content for K-Wert doubled as a Change Management Communications exercise. The interviews I conducted with Team Leaders and Staff stationed everywhere from Asia to South America doubled as a focus and feedback exercise. Reflection by team leaders upon the tools used, progress made, and next steps had been preceded by critical internal review, so that our report submissions became a communications exercise that had permeated all levels. Since each team had different areas of application to report on, the final results were a mutually inspiring primer on the company’s Lean strategies and successes. 

Für das K-Wert Heft führte ich Interviews in allen Zeitzonen, entwickelte und gestaltete Inhalte die für Mitarbeiter, Investoren und potentielle Neukunden gedacht waren. Dieser Austausch wurde Bestandteil einer internen Unternehmenskommunikation und diente auch der Lean Management Prozessoptimierung.

Hut ab an die KAEFER Kommunikationsabteilung in Bremen! Die Zusammenarbeit mit diesem Team zeigte, dass Kulturwandel ein Umschalten aus Überlebensmodus zum Erfolgskurs bedeuten kann. Und am Ende, gab es dieses bunte Heft mit spannenden internationalen Lean Ansätzen!

Paper Junkies

 Millenial startup seeks GenX counsel.
Texts for a website with a web shop.

This young startup recently launched with a single innovative product, so their website and social media campaign had to appeal instantly to a consumer base of men and women from 15-65 years old.

This young startup is based on the smart full commitment of two young entrepreneurs. Before they went live with their website and online shop, they asked me to take a critical professional look.
The product positioning, presentation, text content, imagery and user experience had to be checked. Does their content create enough interest for the product - is the content meaningful, logically structured and appealing? After just a few targeted adjustments, they went live and were able to record good first successes. The product presentation and the online shop handling successfully addressed the target group. Keep it up,!


Turning medical literature into edutainment!
Medical knowledge formulated in an easily understandable way.

By converting published medical research papers into entertaining and accessible blogposts and web articles, I assisted Strokemark in their mission of providing stroke patients and therapists with the benefits of current medical insights.
Aus Fachstudien gewonnene Erkenntnisse schrieb ich so um, dass sie unterhaltsam und zugänglich waren – sowohl für den Laien als auch für Profis. Please click here:

FFG Hamburg

State-of-the-art specialized vehicle seeks slogan!
Development of a claim for a special vehicle.

I was asked to come up with a slogan for the launch of this specialized vehicle manufacturing company’s world-class innovation.

“We needed a crisp claim for the launch of our new A380 catering lifting vehicle, the vehicle was a world first and technologically a real challenge. Jessie Kahn-Duve was the ideal contact for us: native language English and an eye for the creative. With your claim proposal: TAKE YOUR CATERING SERVICE TO THE HIGHEST LEVEL immediately convinced us. Bull's eye! "

Wolfgang Hubenthal, Sales manager of FFG Fahrzeug- werkstätten Falkenried GmbH from Hamburg..

Kirsten & Schmidt Tonstudio (recording Studio)

Looking for a ‘favorite teacher’ or that ‘girl-next-door’ voice?
Listen for mine in corporate image films and e-teachings.

I write English scripts and record the voiceovers that multinational companies need for their image videos, presentations, and e-learning content.

Here are two brief voice samples:


This social business seeks to professionally & culturally integrate.
Integration meets sustainability.

The social project 4Freude has set itself the goal of enabling women with refugee experience and without training to have a low-threshold first integration into the labor market.

The four guiding principles of 4Freude (Vorfreude= joyful anticipation) are:
Joy #1: In creating beautiful easy-to-use products.
Joy #2: In crafting reusable products from recycled resources.
Joy #3: In giving great gifts with a good conscience.
Joy #4: In enabling marginalized women to find a purposeful role in society.

4Freude or ‘Vorfreude’ is a German word meaning the ‘anticipation of joy.’ Our products are handcrafted from repurposed, remnant, and upcycled materials with the purpose of replacing everyday single-use items. Each product is clean, beautiful, and useful; making it a great gift that can be given in good conscience. With support from the Philipp Kraft Stiftung in Eltville, this project aims to teach participants the skills they need to successfully integrate into German social and professional culture. Refugee women often have a more difficult time integrating into society due to social barriers and a lack of marketable professional and language skills. Respectful of their cultural traditions, we help them integrate as we work together toward building a more ecologically sustainable society.

To find out more about the wonderful work that the Philipp Kraft Stiftung does, visit here.

Jung von Matt / Alster

Soap operas sell shampoo.
Commercial from the Wella Vivality campaign.

Around Y2K, when Wella launched Vivality shampoo and needed a TV commercial that would appeal to both men and women, I wrote this mini rom-com.

Biografie Jessie Kahn-Duve

Wenn der Weg das Ziel ist, dann bin ich schon angekommen.

Im US Schulsystem waren Problemlösung und kreatives Denken gefragt. Parallel dazu, lernte ich in der Samstagsschule deutsche Grammatik und während der US-Schulferien in Deutschland das Konjugieren und Strukturieren. So viel Schule macht entweder satt oder süchtig. Aus mir ist ein Lern-Junkie geworden.

In Washington, D.C. lernte ich wie wichtig aber auch schwierig das Weltretten geht und während des Studiums in Philadelphia, England und San Francisco lernte ich Werkzeuge, mit denen ich in Hamburg und New York von großen Ideen überzeugen konnte. Aus dem Standort Singapur heraus lernte ich dann, dass wir zwar überall das Gleiche empfinden, uns jedoch ganz anders ausdrücken und verstehen.

Während das Lernen meine Fantasie nährte, erfüllte mich die Zusammenarbeit mit Kunden und Kollegen beruflich. Das gemeinsame Ziel war zunächst, Neues zu erfahren und damit Gutes zu erreichen. Hier findest Du meinen Lebenslauf als PDF zum Download.

Biography Jessie Kahn-Duve

If the journey is the destination then “Honey, I’m home!”

Home is where the WiFi is strong.  (And my family is happy.)

I’m a quick study and love a new challenge. That has taken me from the launch of Mercedes-Benz’ first small car to filming shampoo commercials with breakout directors in Johannesburg and London. It has also allowed me to conceive, write, and edit pieces and presentations for financial firms, academic publications, sustainability magazines and social business enterprises; also pharmaceutical and cosmetic corporations, tech startups, international fashion and even oil platform insulation companies!

As a mother of three kids, clarity, efficiency, and deadline orientation are my M.O.; so I am picky about my projects. I look for a connection, a challenge, and a check. In that order.

Reach out to me here – I look forward to finding out more about you and your project. To find out more about me, have a look at my resume

My Network

These brainstorming buddies, cool colleagues, effective editors, and selected specialists have enriched my professional life immeasurably. I’m sure they will do the same for you.

Sangeetha Madhavan – journalist & English teacher, idea-bouncing buddy

Christiane Wellié-Reeve – certified translator English to German, fellow language lover

Verena Kayser – graphic designer & powerpoint video artist, a Verdi of visuals

Miriam Hartz – Psychologist and systemic consultant, team development facilitator, people powerhouse

Sharon Kempton – Personal Development Consultant, Wedding Officiant, Opera Singer, artist coach

Ulrich Andree – Drehkreuz Video production, founder/cameraman, F1-Filmmaker

Henrik, Richard, & Olli – clever composers & recording authorities

Barbara Schneider – Visual Facilitator, Graphic Recording, illustration ace

Mirko Schernickau – Commercial and documentary filmmaker, camera connoisseur

Melissa Sterne – documentary film editor, US

Masha Hamilton – US Author & Journalist, world warrior

Susanne Knossala – Systemic Organization Consultant, Mental Coach

Elccon – Change Management Consultancy

Sven Grot – Art Director & Web Designer, Album-Cover Amadeus

Falk Schulze – Digital Developer, director at Dezoure

Vanessa Engeln – Photographer

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As a communications consultant, I work with a network of professionals to help my clients by designing and executing workshops, speaker engagements, and change communication tools. Reach out to me and my team for successful events, motivating missives, and inspiring impulses that will activate and implement your culture and change processes.


Reaching a defined audience or the broader masses requires engaging individuals on multiple levels. Facts must be woven into a compelling universal story with visual impact and cultural sensitivity. As a multi-lingual, multi-cultural writer, with a broad range of professional exposure, I’m ideally positioned to write your compassionate and convincing message. 


It helps to have a fresh pair of eyes and an unbiased voice at the table when you’re testing new ideas or kicking the tires of old concepts. With a quick grasp and plenty of imagination, I will assist you by brainstorming, developing or updating, positioning, launching or re-launching, and marketing your new enterprise. 

Der Weg


Quick & Dirty: I’m a bilingual native New Yorker who explored life along the East & West Coasts, before spending a few years studying, roaming and working in the UK, Europe, and Asia and finally settling down for the long haul in Wiesbaden, Germany. As a copywriter, communications consultant, and social entrepreneur, I’ve had the pleasure of working with clever colleagues to create funny, honest, clear, powerful, and relevant content across a range of media.
Get to know me better here.


Your needs dictate my offer. Each project begins with a conversation about starting points and finish lines. Beyond that, no two projects are ever the same. Accordingly, I’ll give you a price quote based on your briefing, samples, and our initial conversation. Project details are always handled confidentially.

My projects have included basics like brainstorming, concept development, writing, production, and translation. Or combinations like interviews set into Powerpoint videos; image film concepts and voiceover recordings; presentations based on team building exercises; onboarding workshops with a video diary or events that generate guerilla-marketing instruments for future use. Each assignment presents a unique challenge and culminates in an effective solution.
Here just a few of my past favorite projects.








Get to know some of the wonderful people that I’ve had the pleasure of working with over the years! I promise, you’ll thank me later. Click here.