Coming up with a communications strategy and the tools needed to implement a multi-level work culture change for a multi-national pharmaceutical company required a multi-faceted approach.

How does one facilitate sustainable change so that it feels as organic as possible to those living it? By creating an opportunity for each member of the community to engage in constructive and positive interactions. Architect of this change project, elccon consulting, brought me in to advise on and create a communications campaign to implement and on-board the culture changes they had initiated at CSL Behring in Marburg. I conceptualized a multi-platform, English and German language communications strategy that would provide CSL Behring with forums for the many and varied stakeholder perspectives; and do so by utilizing existing tools and available resources in new ways. The core message: Communication builds community. Beginning with real-time exchanges proved to be an effective kick-off to new interactions between executives and team members. I conceived formats that integrated real-time and digital media platform interactions to help promote and validate the voices of all employees and encourage constructive conflict resolution. My comprehensive communications campaign also included environmental cues to encourage more positive interactions and also integrated gamification to stimulate participation in feedback processes. Today, motivated change agents at CSL Behring Marburg are well on their way to building a community that is based on more positive and sustainable communications practices. To find out more about elccon, visit them at